Translation Over 100+ Languages

Translation Windows is holding ability to undergird huge amount of translation assignments, in over 100 languages. We can tackle bulk content across industries and on-demand translation projects with the help of our outstanding team spread over across the globe.

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Voice To Text

Transcription services basically involve the conversion of an audio feed to text. These services are often a necessary element involved with the production of any multilingual video/audio content. One the text is transcribed, it can be captioned directly for the hearing impaired or as a tool for those who do not understand the original audio feed's spoken version of the language or those who prefer to see subtitles in the source language to complement the audio stream. This transcribed material may also be used as the basis for subsequent translations into different languages. Translation Windows has teams dedicated to transcribing audio content for use in the final post-production and translation process.

Translation Services

Our qualified team consists of inhouse and freelance linguists, interpreters, translators, proofreaders, and quality assurance managers all with solid professional qualification and background in language translation and interpreting. Our translators are skilled in your industry, as well as in language and linguistics. Translation Windows has productized a separate section for businesses to provide high quality and cost-effective translation and transcription services. Unlike other.translation and transcription companies, Translation Windows has the unique ability to convert and translate media of all kinds and in all languages. From highly complex legal content to the academic, technical and medical records, Translation Windows has acquired translation and transcription specialists to provide you with the services you need at the best prices in the industry. We also offer rush translation and transcription services to solve your time-sensitive needs. As with all our services, Translation Windows is committed to strict confidentiality and quality.


We offer fast, accurate and confidential transcription services for audio/video/plain text and subtitles across 100+ languages, as well as add-ons including faster turnaround time, multilingual audio and additional file types. We do transcriptions from audio recordings of meetings, interviews, hearings, and most other occasions. We offer transcriptionists with wide-ranging backgrounds, especially those with legal and medical experience. Translation Windows fulfills all your transcriptions needs. We utilize ONLY in-house professional transcriptionists and certified legal and medical transcribers who offer specializations in different subject areas. we guarantee at least 98% accuracy on all your transcripts. All transcripts submitted by our transcriptionists are proofread, edited, and reviewed by quality control staff to ensure our high accuracy guarantee. If you have more than three to five hours of audio that need to be transcribed, just let us know. We'll be happy to give you a three-minute, FREE transcription sample to show you that we really are as good as we say we are.

Voice Over

We offer certified voice-over services in almost every language of the world. Find the best voice-over artists at your service with Translation Windows at reasonable prices. For more detail please contact us.


With language specialists from across the globe, we produce optimum subtitles with utmost expertise for your videos, presentations, broadcast media, and so much more. For more detail please contact us.


Translation Windows has the capacity to support high volume translation projects, in over 100 languages. We streamlined the entire translation workflow and eliminating all the delays. We can handle huge amounts of content across all industries on-demand translation through our order form. Our translators are native speakers of the target language, completely fluent in the source language, and highly experienced in the art of subtitle and documents translation. To maintain the absolute highest quality control for our subtitling services, each of our translations is reviewed by at least three translators.

Customer Services

Unsurpassed Customer Service

Customer Service is Our Top Priority
When we started Translation Windows, we wanted to create a different environment for our customers. Yes we wanted to build a successful company but we also wanted to create an accessible one. A company where our customers could contact us and be assured of getting technically knowledgeable, helpful and timely customer service in person. We don't believe in automated customer service. Our customers should be able to call us on the phone or come up with live chat to get immediate help from a live person. A person, who has been technically trained and is well versed in the translation services industry. When you contact Translation Windows that's exactly what you'll get

Translationwindows is best for you

Why Translationwindows is best for you?

With office in the US, Translation Windows is open 24/7 to answer questions and work on translation projects. We support over 100 language combinations and have a team of over 6,000 translators spread across the globe. As a translation company, we work on a “first-time-right” approach. With nearly a decade of experience in supplying translation services in more than 100 languages, we know what works in multilingual publication. Our translation company places great importance in having an initial quality translation from a professional translator. By carefully selecting the best translators, we obtain quality translations in a first draft. Our aim is to reduce revision and proof-reading time afterwards.

Accuracy and Economy

Accuracy and Economy

To assure best quality translation services, Translation windows offers a sample of 2-5 minutes for transcription and 2-3 pages in case of document translation on every project. Our main objective and focus is to provide unsurpassable quality and accuracy for your business, academic or legal transcription and translation needs. We offer fast turnaround time even on your projects that may have a lower quality audio/video. We are so confident in our ability to provide a high-quality service that we offer excellent discounts on bulk projects and are proud to offer a money back guarantee on all our services.

Translationwindows Outstanding Professional Team

Our Outstanding Professional Team

Our translators and transcribers are highly professional, assessed and approved to ensure Translation Windows’s clients with accurate translation and transcription services. We contract a vast pool of translators and transcriber from every corner of the world for both local and international translation and transcription projects. Our team cover a wide range of subject matter, and undertake required research to ensure important meanings or terms are applied in the production of translation and transcription. We work with over 6000 of the most highly trained and experienced translators and transcribers who can work with your Audio/Video/Document projects.

Translationwindows Serucre & Reliable

Serucre & Reliable

Your files are securely stored and transmitted using 128-bit SSL encryption, the highest level of security available. We never store credit card information - we simply pass it securely to our bank for safe-keeping. We will never share your files or personal information with anyone outside of Translation Windows. Files are only visible to the professionals who have signed strict confidentiality agreements. If you'd ever like us to delete your files, just let us know.

Customer Reviews

“Highly recommended. Professional, consistently accurate and high quality service.”
Henk Westenbroek

Henk Westenbroek

The team at TranslationWindows provided us with excellent and swift turnaround on several of our projects. We would recommend them as a quality partner for your business.”
Alex Clarson, Metronic Customer

Alex Clarson, Metronic Customer

“I was referred to TranslationWindows by a fellow business owner and am I glad that I made that connection. The team had great communication and easily understood exactly what I needed. The prices are great too. Two thumbs up!”

Bert Jan Doedel


From translation, transcription, subtitling, captioning and Voice Over our multi-service platform can help with your needs – all in one place