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Translation Windows provides professional industrial, medical, legal, certified and technical translations, transcription, localization, and interpreting services for the world. If you need a professional human transcription/translation, please contact us. We are always open

A wide range of leading corporations and institutions of all sizes depend on Translation Windows to translate their important document, audio/video files and other materials. They continually work with us because of our reliability, accuracy, professional standards and timeliness. We work on any written material- whether it is legal, medical or technical- and translate it into or from over 100 languages. You may be astounded at how easy it is to work with us.


A specialized team of linguists will be assigned to your transcription projects based on the requested language and subject matter. Linguists are always thoroughly vetted and sign NDAs.


Courts are the final hope for people who wish to sort things out in a justifying and legal manner. The judgment of any case depends on various factors & reasons. Documentation and evidence are the backbones of any legal pleas or cases. The transcription is done by a transcriber who has a legal background and legal transcription expertise. The content is then fully reviewed by a second legal transcriber.


Academic transcription makes research studies and scholastic records, such as Lectures and transcript of records easily accessible for all.


Translation Windows transcribe very accurately and consistently throughout the projects, such as marketing or clinical, regulatory and technical recordings, training materials for healthcare, medical lectures and other pharmaceutical audios/videos.


Translation Windows understands the specific regulatory and confidentiality of financial documents. Therefore, we always work with trustable and contracted linguists.


Your business deserves only the best that is why our unbeatable business transcription is right for you.

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